Viajes jose antonio excursiones

Viajes jose antonio excursiones

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Think about it: you move quickly from the center of your city to the center of another city quietly, without having to wait at the airport 2 hours before, make flight layovers or desperately endure traffic jams at the entrance of cities.

Buses continuously incorporate advances in vehicles for passenger safety, such as ABS and ASR braking, personal seat belts, speed limiters, anti-tip systems … in addition to panoramic windows, reclining seats, audio systems, TV, service … to make the journey as comfortable as possible and professional drivers to avoid distractions and fatigue.

Buses are obliged to undergo constant technical inspections to ensure that they are in perfect condition, as well as periodic rest for the driver, speed limitation and coverage of all passengers by their passenger insurance.

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One of the most essential points in understanding a travel agency is that much of our work is based on information. And when the information is somewhat diffuse, our work becomes more complicated, if that is even possible.

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Despite this, we wanted to make a special entry to let you know why you should trust a travel agency, now, in the situation in which we find ourselves, and always, because we want you to end up internalizing our work as when you need advice to buy a washing machine, a mattress or even a car.

This business is not the same as if you sell a piece of clothing. If you don’t like it, you return it, you get a refund and that’s the end of the deal. Here, from the moment you sit down or contact us, we are already thinking about you. As soon as you tell us your concerns and your expectations, we are already thinking about those options. And as soon as you are traveling, we are traveling with you. With us, and with the rest of travel agencies we believe it is the same, you always have the security that there is someone supporting you and taking care of you on your trip.

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We arrived in Manuel Antonio from San Jose in a journey that lasted 3 hours. It was the beginning of a route through Costa Rica by 4×4 car that took us to places like Monteverde, Arenal or Puerto Viejo. Here are the best things to see and do in Manuel Antonio with recommendations on where to eat.

They go loaded with a monocular to see the animals up close, and they know very well where to look. But the real learning is not only to see them, they also explain their habits, their characteristics. The visit changes completely, you really learn and above all, you enjoy.

We definitely recommend this tour of Manuel Antonio, because although in some forums we read that there were those who did the route on their own, in our opinion, unless you are an expert, hiring a guide is the best way to pay. If it helps you, the guy we had, Juan Carlos, we loved it.

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We made the trip with two Australian girls, and the guide was giving us explanations in English and Spanish. We saw monkeys, a totally camouflaged frog (that if it wasn’t for the guide and his «binoculars» we wouldn’t have been able to see), a toucan, a hummingbird, a sloth, leaf-cutter ants (very curious!!!) and a raccoon.