Frases de ojos y miradas

Frases de ojos y miradas

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A look says more than a thousand words and it is more than clear in these quotes about the look. Among them you will find quotes about love, the depth of the look and its power to fall in love. They are ideal to dedicate to someone you love very much and why not to that person you want to fall in love with.Read also: 30 beautiful short phrases: of reflection, love and moreThe best phrases about glances

The look is very powerful, there is no doubt about it. It can show much more than you can imagine, love, sincerity, contempt, sadness … in short, a world of emotions can hide a pair of eyes. Enjoy the best phrases of deep looks and other related topics and choose from these phrases about the eyes of a woman to dedicate to the love of your life.Frases of looks that fall in love

Love can be born in many ways, there is always something that makes it begin to grow … and often the look is the one that begins this adventure. Among these phrases of fixed looks and that fall in love you can find one that expresses what you feel.Frases de una mirada profunda

Famous phrases of life

This time we will talk about phrases of looks, why? because they say that the eyes are the window to the soul, although sometimes the beautiful thing is not the eyes but the looks. Human beings are able to perceive many of the things around us through visual stimuli. They say that the eyes are gossipy, and this phrase makes sense, because with them we observe everything that happens before us, we even have the luxury of judging and giving meaning to the non-verbal expressions of others just by looking at them. We can express so many things through the look, that we already understand when someone says that looks speak louder than words.

The look has a power of complicity. There are friends and couples who, just by looking at each other, are able to understand what the other wants to transmit. We can hide our feelings with words, but not with the look. The look gives away! That is why, in Frases de la Vida, we have dedicated this article to a selection of 100 phrases of looks, because it is worth knowing the other through their eyes, and reading some inspiring phrases never hurts. Let’s get to it!

Love looks phrases

Sometimes we can deny the obvious things, we can hide our feelings, but in the end our eyes will reflect what we really feel. Eyes cannot hide the truth of our heart.

There are very few sincere people in life, if you meet one, you know you have a treasure. We live in a society where the most important thing is to appear, to lie about ourselves and about everything. That is why we must appreciate those people who have a clean look. After reading this, perhaps you may also be interested in short life phrases to reflect.

Bécquer was a poet from Seville who belonged to the romantic movement. His poems are full of love and beauty. In these verses he shows us how the eyes express what we feel inside us, how with the look we can do those things we want just by looking. If you want to know more phrases of famous authors, do not miss this other article with 120 phrases of famous writers.

Deep looks phrases

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Making eye contact excites: Staring at another person generates an arousal reaction. The interpretation of this type of gaze varies depending on the context, it can be seen as a threat or as attraction.

Insistent gaze:  It is usually thought that the liar does not hold the gaze and it is true, but there is also another extreme. When someone puts too much energy in establishing eye contact, it means that he wants to convince his interlocutor of something that is not true.