Frases de amor en valenciano

Frases de amor en valenciano

And au valencian

There are many nice phrases in Catalan that, once you know the language, you can appreciate for their deep meaning. If you want to start getting familiar with the language, don’t miss the following nice Catalan phrases and their meaning.

If you want to dedicate some romantic and tender words to a Catalan speaker, this section is perfect for you. We share with you some love phrases in Catalan to conquer that special person.

Deixa’m fer-te un petó, d’aquells que mai s’obliden, ni en altres llavis, ni en altres nits, ni en altres vides. (Let me give you a kiss, one of those that you never forget, neither in other lips, nor in other nights, nor in other lives).

The phrases for WhatsApp or for other social networks are usually short and deep, because in a few words must sense a precise and usually intimate meaning that expresses how you feel.If you want some phrases in Catalan for WhatsApp or short Catalan phrases for other social networks, here are some of our favorites!

Prayers in catalan

What better way to brighten the day or night to that person so special to you with dedications for Valencia. Share and send the best dedications and personalized phrases with name with the people you really love. You need to know that by sharing Valencia phrases you can make their day great and wonderful. Valencia dedications are perfect to share on social networks or send by text message.

Friendship is one of the values that are also important throughout our life. With friends we have fun but also help us in difficult times. Send friendship phrases and dedications for Valencia.

Piropos in catalan

Tindre la roba en el Grao: It is said when someone has to be prepared to escape, when he has something to hide, especially the criminals who had to be prepared to leave «by legs», if necessary, embarking in the Grao, with the suitcase (roba) ready. In short, an unreliable person.

Dels pecats del piu el Nostre Senyor es riu: Talking about sex must be taken as natural, it is life. And, for that reason, God does not pay the slightest attention. It was applied when there was a mess of love affairs, then they were condescending and played down the importance of the fact by applying this phrase.

Quan el mal ve d’Almansa, a tots alcança.  (There are several variants of the origin of the phrase, one of them refers to the battle of Almansa in 1707, others to several plagues that reached Almansa and quickly spread to the rest of the Valencian lands).

Romantic phrases in catalan

If you messed up with the previous sentence, invite your friend to a horchata and talk about it. You will leave them offside if you include in your compliments to this Valencian drink the phrase mel de romer, our superlative to define any food that is good. You will make peace.

First of all, there is only one paella and it is Valencian. Then, in view of how this traditional recipe has been distorted, it may be that what you have eaten is more rice with things than paella. Our face will be like the one in the GIF, more or less.

We are not talking about an Internet connection, but Asmorçar, Dinar, Sopar i lo que vinga (ADSL). It starts with your sandwich at noon (with cocoa and tramusos), followed by a good paella and, after a casalla and mistela, anything can come up.

You have not understood anything. Las Fallas are our festival. Like the April Fair in Seville or San Isidro in Madrid. It is a delicate subject and criticizing them can generate tension in the atmosphere. Especially if the other people are falleras. Another topic to avoid.