Frases bonitas de amistad cortas para dedicar

Frases bonitas de amistad cortas para dedicar

Friendship phrases for a friend

Friendship phrases express the best of that feeling that occurs between two or more people, a mutual trust that turns into fun, and most of the time, in meaningless antics ad infinitum. These are the best phrases about friendship, phrases that define what it is to have a good friend, or several, and how good it is for the mental rinse of each one to have friendships.

Our phrases for friends express the best of this type of relationships, they are sentences pronounced throughout the centuries, which have managed to express what friendship means. Who has a friend has a treasure, very obvious, isn’t it, but no less true, friends must be taken care of every day, so that they know how you feel about them, we have compiled these phrases about friendship.

Philosophers of all times have been, perhaps, those who have best described friendship. We have created a specific category to collect the best philosophical phrases that talk about friendship, some of these are the following:

Short phrases of love and friendship

One of the best known phrases about friendship, is the one that says that whoever has a friend has a treasure. And it is true, precisely for this reason it is very important that you take care of your friends every day, and so that you can do it without problems, in this article we give you the best short phrases for best friends and friends.

Now that you have been able to read the best short phrases for friends, we think it is a good idea to give you some tips so that you can use them without any problem, and so that taking good care of your friends is something really simple and natural for you.

Fake friendship phrases

A phrase of friendship «Un pienso en ti» Today we can show our friends how important they are in our life. Today we could surprise them with nice phrases of congratulations, because it doesn’t need to be Friend’s Day to show them our love.

Friends should always be in our hearts, we should praise their friendship on a daily basis and we should especially celebrate «Friend’s Day» when it is celebrated in our country. In addition, the United Nations General Assembly resolved on April 27, 2011, to invite all member countries to celebrate International Friendship Day every July 30.

The center of the universe is the sun… the center of a friend’s heart is in my heart. It is a treasure chest, a treasure full of love, joy and flower petals… They are of many colors, pink, yellow, blue, and one of them is your friendship – Camila Gónzalez, -Chile

Sentences of sincere friendship

I had to live a very difficult moment in my life, the loss of one of my grandparents, a very sad situation that was hard to bear but thank God I had my best friend who supported me and supported me in everything.

Social networks are very popular nowadays and we are accumulating pseudo friends every day, but don’t get confused, those are not real, they are just virtual contacts with whom you will surely never have a coffee and much less will they be confidants!

In some countries they celebrate International Friendship Day together with Valentine’s Day on February 14th, for example Mexico, Venezuela and Guatemala, while in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay they celebrate it on July 20th.

No matter in which country you are living you want to celebrate friendship and so you can send some personalized phrases I add 20 phrases of sincere, beautiful, and short friendship that can be ideal for reflection or to dedicate to friends.

Two of the authors that I like the most are the Greek philosopher Aristotle, and William Shakespeare, from his works the ones that surprised me the most and were a great inspiration for me are «Of the soul» and «Poetics», from Aristotle and Shakespeare, I fell in love with «Romeo and Juliet» one of the most beautiful love stories, I recommend you to read them.