Roscon de reyes thermomix paso a paso

Roscon de reyes thermomix paso a paso

Mejor receta de roscón de reyes

No podía faltar en nuestro recetario un Roscón de Reyes para estas Navidades y es que este roscón sale riquísimo y súper tierno, eso sí, hay que cuidar mucho los pasos para que salga correctamente y no equivocarse en los ingredientes, porque también tienen que ser los adecuados. Este apetitoso y original roscón se hace con masa madre para que salga con el efecto deseado y es un problema que tarde tanto en hacerse pero el resultado es sorprendente.

Original Roscón de ReyesImprimir recetaGuardar esta receta Inicia sesión para guardarUn Roscón de Reyes muy original y hecho de forma diferente, los ingredientes son los mismos que puede llevar cualquier roscón, lo único es que cambia la forma. Tienes que seguir los pasos al pie de la letra para que te salga un roscón perfecto, verás que no es tan complejo de hacer.

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Roscon de reyes la juani by ana sevilla

This recipe is infallible: you will get a spongy, delicious and, thanks to the help of our Thermomix, very easy to prepare. We advise you to read the tips that we leave at the end of the recipe so that the roscón is perfect.

Once the starter dough has fermented (it will make bubbles), we can prepare the dough. Put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl, including the starter dough, and program 30 seconds on speed 6. The dough will be a little sticky. Now we program 3 minutes on speed spiga. Let the dough rise in the glass for about 2 hours, the dough has to double its volume.

We put the roscón in a baking dish covered with baking paper and let it rest for about 1 hour more, it has to double its volume. A good trick is to heat the oven to 50°C, turn it off and put the roscón inside, this will accelerate the leavening time.

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Roscón de reyes without orange blossom water

Finally a wonderful roscón recipe. The result is a delicious, fluffy and beautiful roscón. After doing lots of tests and more tests and talking to my dear friend PepaCooks, who likes a roscón more than anyone else in the world, I decided to make the one she had modified from Ibán Yarza.

I assure you that you will look like a fool in front of your oven door 🙂 I’m not looking for more, this is my definitive roscón and here you have it for Thermomix®, although my mother has passed me the recipe that is made in my town, Marín. In the end I’m going to have to make all the recipes that fall into my hands :D.

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4- Knead a little, just a little, to remove the air and divide in two, (you get two good roscones). Form two balls, (You can grease your hands with oil, so it does not stick), put a finger in the center and form the doughnut, leaving a good diameter in the center. Cover and let rise again about 1 hour.

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Let cool and fill if desired. I filled one with pastry cream with my recipe Ponche segoviano, it is just the right size for the filling of a roscón. Alone without filling it is delicious, very soft and the next day, it is still the same.