Piaggio x8 125 opinion

Piaggio x8 125 opinion

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It is clearly the most «traveler» option among the 125, because in the urban traffic jam feels less comfortable: its small turning radius requires more maneuvering, something that his somewhat high seat and front heaviness do not help, and all this translates into poor results in our slalom, which does not help that the tuning of the engine is too quiet in the accelerations (with a simple change of rollers would be much better use the power of its engine, which is evident in its top speed).

Nor are its brakes up to par, with no integral system (the X9 does have one, and two discs at the front). But for many these factors will weigh less than the reputation of the brand or its extensive network, and the truth is that between how comfortable it is, how capable it is, and how well it goes on fast roads, it is perfectly recommendable although it has been so poorly classified in this comparison more oriented to urban use.

piaggio x8/x9 avoid engine breakage

I find myself in the situation of needing a means of transportation to make my commute to work. Like many others in my situation I do not know how long I will last there, if a week, a month or hopefully more, so I think that the second hand and second hand market is my thing.

I currently ride a Sym Allo 125 that I have borrowed and for the 40km it swallows daily it doesn’t protest too much. I don’t ride on highways/roads and I would also use it eventually to go with my girlfriend.

if on the other hand the gears are not your thing… go for a scooter, accelerate and brake. they reach the same speed although they take longer and the acceleration is more progressive, but you will be very comfortable.

Thanks LinceXT, I do not know why with 25000km were mature and no, the gears are not my thing, well, the truth is that I have not tried them in life. Neither is the «speed» and at 80km / h I usually get everywhere.

Now that you have it requetemirado and studied and you have removed what you do not like and you already have clear what a priori more you like, now it touches the main thing that is to go to try them and let it be the one that the body asks you. The mind is a mess, but the body is clear and when you’re on top tells you «this one» and that’s it, don’t give it more thought!

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Adapted to Euro 3 standards, this new engine is in an advanced position in terms of cutting-edge technologies. It stands out for the reduction of polluting emissions, thanks to the implementation of the ‘closed loop’ injection system, the three-way catalytic muffler and the integrated management of the electronic starting system, and for notable results in the reduction of fuel consumption and in the speed of response to acceleration. The Piaggio X8 only increases consumption compared to the 125 cc model by four liters, remaining at one liter every 29 kilometers, with a tank capacity of 56 liters. The front wheel, with 260-millimeter steel disc brake and dual-piston floating caliper, is 14 inches to facilitate stability and road holding. On the rear wheel, the 12-inch rim is fitted with a 130/70 tire in order to provide more space for the storage compartment and at the same time ensure good performance, thus allowing a shorter distance between the seat and the ground. The rear brake is operated by a 240-millimeter steel disc.

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Estoy seguro de que leí o me dijeron que el Piaggio X8 era un scooter de tal elegancia, clase y estilo -y, lo que es más importante, de tal capacidad de equipaje- que podías incluso llevarlo a tu club de golf local.Y de hecho puedes, si dejas la bolsa de golf y tus maderas en casa -o las envías por delante en taxi.Espacio de almacenamiento … pero no hay espacio para los palos de golfPero metí unos cuantos hierros cortos y mis zapatos de golf (en realidad, un viejo par de botas de cricket) en el maletero del scoot y me fui a toda prisa al elegante campo de East Sussex National. En el aparcamiento, el X5 de BMW estaba bien representado, pero parecía que yo era el único X8. Demasiado avergonzado para entrar con mi selección simbólica de palos, mantenidos juntos por una pequeña cuerda elástica, y la bolsa de Asda de bolas y tees, me fui al relativo santuario de un campo municipal de hackers en otro lugar.

Pero el viaje a través de la suave campiña de Sussex, con una amplia variedad de carreteras A y B, ofreció una buena oportunidad para examinar las cualidades del Piaggio. Y me gusta el hecho de que cada uno tiende a tener un pequeño artilugio que me hace ilusión, ya sea un soporte central electrónico, un botón de aumento de potencia o incluso un amortiguador de dirección, un toque extra puede alegrarme el día.