Kymco k xct 125i abs

Kymco k xct 125i abs

kymco k-xct 125 prix

No es el rey en ventas ni pretende serlo, este post es para el Kymco Super Dink, tanto en su versión de 125 como de 300 cc. Pero las ventas de alrededor del 40% del modelo estrella corroboran la necesidad de un scooter GT deportivo como el K-XCT y para satisfacer la demanda, ahora se presenta en versión ABS.

Al igual que en el Xciting 400 (prueba del Kymco Xciting 400i ABS) se ha elegido el ABS 9 de Bosch, el mejor de la marca alemana para motos. Es un equipo compacto, ligero y de pequeño tamaño, que ha sido diseñado específicamente para las motos. Es capaz de generar hasta 20 ciclos por segundo, lo que se traduce en una mayor velocidad de reacción y una menor trepidación en las maniobras. Es independiente para cada rueda, no comparte piezas con el Super Dink (éste monta el ABS 8 de Bosch) y ha sido calibrado para ser muy poco intrusivo y saltar lo más tarde posible.

Kymco vende el K-XCT ABS en blanco, azul y gris ya existentes pero añade, en exclusiva para esta versión, el Núcleo Rojo con acabado mate (España es el primer país en comercializar ese color). Por lo demás es similar a la versión sin ABS, así que aquí os dejo las pruebas de estas versiones:

kymco k-xct 125 vitesse max

Thus and looking for more sportiness than in the Super Dink, the chassis is more rigid and shorter between axles, with a double structure inspired by the double cradle perimeter frames and with a diameter of oversized and reinforced tubes in the area of the pipe that avoids swaying and inaccuracies at high speed.

The suspensions of the Kymco K-XCT ABS have a longer travel than we can find in the Super Dink and have a harder and sportier setting while in the brakes section, now has ABS. The module is located at the front so that its effectiveness is maximum (the shorter the length of the hoses, the more optimal performance will be).

The front discs are of the «wave» type. Its diameter is 260 mm and depending on the displacement we will find differences: in the 125, the caliper is double parallel piston while in the 300 the caliper is oversized and is triple piston. At the rear, both models are equipped with identical brakes: 240 mm disc with double parallel piston caliper. In both cases with metal hoses and adjustable levers. The front and rear wheels are 14 and 13 inches respectively, with 120/70 and 150/70 tires.

kymco k-xct occasion

For the K-XCT, KYMCO uses the SK mechanicals used in the Super Dink, where they have already demonstrated their robustness and reliability, with 14.5 hp power at 9,000 rpm and 12 Nm of torque in the 125i, while the 300i has 28 hp at 7,750 rpm and a torque of 30.1 Nm.

KYMCO wanted to make the most of these engines and has developed a new lighter and more compact chassis between axles, with a double structure inspired by the double cradle perimeter frames. This new chassis achieves an optimal weight distribution. It loads more weight on the front axle, and provides greater steering input to ensure stability at high speeds.

At the front end is an advanced axle fork, with 37 mm section bars and 45 mm cylinders. The system allows the fork to have a travel of 110 mm, and its interior has been recalibrated in terms of setting and hydraulics to adapt to sporty use. At the rear we have two hydraulic shock absorbers with variable pitch spring for a progressive effect that ensures greater comfort, with an adjustable preload in five positions, providing a travel of 93 mm.

kymco k-xct 125 used


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