Hyosung aquila strider gv 125 s

Hyosung aquila strider gv 125 s

2018 hyosung gv 125 s aquila strider

I know, but it has combined braking no? Then I understand that what it does is to also press the front caliper, so that both brake at the same time(he did it on 1 single piston?) then the expression «brakes too much front when I brake with the rear» implies that even the little force that trasnfiere him front(even that the pressure is equal throughout the «vessel» and with the foot we give much stronger than with the hand) gives him too much feeling, ie, that does not have a high level of dexterity with the front brake. Everything is learned, do not let the asthma come in.

This leads me to recommend that you learn to use the front brake better, which is the one that really stops the bike in all circumstances, even in curves. Honda says so in their manual. And in their video. You could practice it in a parking lot, putting some reference lines, or reference points with what you find around.

It is also physics, you can read it in todocircuito as Canepa explains that he learned it because the engineers explained to him that it is physics: If you brake into the corner you increase the contact area of the tire and load more mass which causes more grip and therefore the safety is increased significantly. This happens on all motorcycles and at all speeds you can imagine.

Hyosung aquila strider gv 125 s online

Hello bikers, I do not know if you have heard that at the last EICMA motorcycle show, a new Hyosung was presented that will replace the Aquila in 2018, in fact it is a totally new bike, a new concept, it is no longer so bulky, it is more HD Sporster style, very cool from my point of view.

In short, totally new, more agile, performs better and better, changes to a less classic style, although of course, it never rains to everyone’s liking and some would like more perhaps to the classic style of before but well from my point of view, the Aquila was due for a renovation.

This new version of the Aquila seems to me to be more urban focused… its renewed aesthetics, reduced dimensions and lower horsepower are some of the clues that have led me to this conclusion.

If you look at the yamaha bolt 950 it is something similar, it is a light bike with modern touches like its clock, led lights, etc or the new honda rebel 500, they are modern custom bikes but keeping the old bobber base.

Hyosung aquila strider gv 125 s en línea

For the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, Hyosung unveils interesting motorcycles. A sporty, the Exiv R and its roadster declination (Exiv). These are both 250cc motorcycles, but the manufacturer would have a 450cc engine in preparation. And at the Eicma show in Milan, Hyosung presented a new custom bike called the Aquila Strider GV 300 Grand Voyage, a whole program! Read also – A 200 horsepower Triumph Bobber? It’s possible!

The Hyosung KR Motor Exiv 250 and Exiv 250 R were first unveiled as a concept, before becoming a commercial reality. They were introduced in Asia, India and the United States. More interesting for our market, a 450cc version is in the pipeline, which has been unveiled at trade shows in Asia.

Hyosung aquila strider gv 125 s 2022

Forget about the Hyosung Aquila 125 you knew until now because the new one is radically different and takes absolutely nothing from the previous one. Everything is new from the engine to the frame, more compact dimensions and even the custom orientation that is given, more in the line of «badass» reminding us of the Sporster family of Harley-Davidson, especially in the black version.

Let’s start with the engine. Only its five-speed V-twin configuration is retained, and from there on, it’s all different. For starters, the crankcases are much more compact, and the same underbody of the engine as well as the chassis are shared with a new 300 cc big sister.

It also changes the angle of the V from 75º to 60º (helps to compact it more) and liquid cooling (before air + oil) and cylinder heads that have three valves instead of four driven by a single camshaft (SOHC) instead of two (DOHC). The internal dimensions of the cylinder are also different, with a bore per stroke of 42 x 45 mm (long stroke) to make it not so rabid in character but quieter and more usable throughout its rev range. It is declared 12 hp at 8,500 rpm with a maximum torque of 10.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm.