El pais marc bassets

El pais marc bassets

tension between england and france

Beyond the decision-making process, experts credit the German health system, which is also decentralized, with part of the success in the face of the crisis. Laboratories across the country were alerted and instructed from Berlin in mid-January about the need to carry out diagnostic tests. Ricarda Milstein of the Hamburg Center for Health Economics explains that «the central government has taken a more active role. I am surprised at how well coordinated the various players have been,» she says, referring to the statutory mutual insurance companies and the health professional associations.

This is France. The country where the president alone adopts measures that change the course of society. The country where the head of state and the technocratic elite around him – highly educated, but not very diverse and trapped in the inertia of a particular bureaucratic culture – concentrate more power than in any other major Western democracy. The country where decisions are made in Paris and where the egalitarian principle of the Revolution of 1789 remains a brake on real decentralization or the acceptance of regional exceptions.

the submarine crisis

The Brazilian opposition is unable to effectively counter President Jair Bolsonaro because it does not understand its electorate. It insists on classifying him as a fascist when, in fact, he is mostly made up of common people who identify with the figure of the president and see him as a person who is nervous, under pressure to face the challenges of Brazil. For this electorate, who live on the outskirts of the big cities, Bolsonaro is an unequivocal leader. At least this is the vision of the political scientist Jairo Nicolau, who launches this week the book O Brasil dobrou direita. In an interview with reporters Afonso Benites and Felipe Betim, he says that, on the other hand, Bolsonaro has failed to form his Aliana Pelo Brasil party, which would be enough to put him in the position of loser in the upcoming municipal elections.

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In the United States, a new scandal is shaking the race for the White House. A report published this Sunday by The New York Times reveals that President Donald Trump has not paid federal taxes in 10 of the last 15 years. In addition, he only had to pay $750 in 2016, the year he was elected president of the United States. Alan Garten, a lawyer for the Trump Organization, told the newspaper that most if not all of the facts seem inaccurate.

macron under attack

All recent French presidents have tried, but none has succeeded in definitively disentangling French-African relations from the post-colonial shadow. On his first African tour, Emmanuel Macron is once again seeking to bury the dismal image of Françafrique – the network of economic, political and military interests created after decolonization – but without renouncing to assert his own influence on the continent. In Burkina Faso, the first stage of the tour, Macron announced on Tuesday the declassification of secret French documents on the death of the revolutionary leader Thomas Sankara, known as the African Che.

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Another more delicate matter remains pending, that of the classified documents on France’s role in the 1994 Rwandan genocide: in September, the French Constitutional Council rejected the request to declassify them, appealing to the «general interest and proportionality» of the measure.

A tense moment of the colloquium occurred when a student reproached France for sending more soldiers than students to Africa. «Don’t talk to me like that about French soldiers,» the president replied. «With French soldiers you should do only one thing: applaud them».

what’s going on between france and the united states

Piketty, who has shaken up the debate on inequality in Europe and the United States, has responded forcefully to criticism of alleged miscalculations in his book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.  The inaccuracies revealed over the weekend by the Financial Times «make absolutely no difference to long-term developments,» Piketty told EL PAÍS.

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The Financial Times investigation may deal a blow to Piketty’s credibility. Most of the criticism his book had received until the weekend focused more on the economic prescriptions he offers to mitigate inequality than on the profusion of data he uses, a meticulous work that even his ideological detractors praised.

On a visit to Washington last April, Piketty met with Obama administration Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and gave talks to President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers and the International Monetary Fund. This Saturday he is scheduled to participate in a colloquium in Boston (Massachusetts) with Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, a star of the populist left in the United States. The senator’s message about the decline of the middle class and the excessive power of Wall Street connects with the French economist’s arguments.