Bmw carretera de burgos

Bmw carretera de burgos

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Last April, and with the help of Víctor Martín and the Marmotor Motorrad team, Héctor and Israel, a training course in off-road riding was held, in which a dozen riders enjoyed the pleasure of mastering and riding their BMW motorcycles off-road.

The day began at the Marmotor facilities with a breakfast and a theoretical briefing on riding techniques, position, adaptation of the bike controls and knowledge of the technical assistance that can help driving, also on track.

Then, after the theory with which Víctor Martín instructed the attendees, it was time to put this knowledge into practice, under the control and supervision of the expert and qualified instructors of BMW Marmotor, the techniques and tricks learned.

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The day started cloudy and with some drizzle while we went to pick up the Bmw Nine T/50, this did not prevent us to undertake the journey of a distance of no more than 2 hours to get to the Hotel that we could enjoy later.

We arrived at the exit of the A1 and got into Buitrago de Lozoya and the village of Cerezo de Abajo, and with it we started the second stage of the journey to our destination. The rain had already stopped and the road began to look drier for our driving enjoyment. While this was happening, it was 15.00 and we stopped for lunch, something hot and not copious to go light for the rest of the route.

We left the straights and plains behind as we looked in the rearview mirror at Languilla, Aldealengua de Santa Maria, Alconadilla until we reached before leaving this road to go around the Natural Park of Hoces de Riaza to the fork of the road to Burgos 930 to reach the destination of Santa Cruz de la Salceda to arrive at snack time to our final destination, the Hotel Rural Las Baronas.

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I pick up the bike at BMW Motorrad Ibérica. The first thing I notice is a greater accessibility for my height, although it has no height reduction or lowered seat. We head towards Burgos. The beautiful Ruralka hotels are waiting for me to enjoy an unforgettable stay and remember this route forever. This one will be intense, so the more relaxed ones can go there by highway.

The behavior of the bike is surprising. It feels very agile, light, and the new anti-rebound clutch makes the gear shift very smooth. I think the unit I have been given has all the possible extras, as I can change gears without operating the clutch.

I’m not used to it and sometimes find it hard not to use the clutch, but when I get used to it it makes driving a lot of fun. I try the different riding modes: Dynamic makes the bike very sporty, being very stable under hard braking and twisty turns. This bike definitely brings a smile to my face!


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